Investment Principles

Sector-Focused Investing

We research each sector focus to develop an analytical, not anecdotal, framework to evaluate investment opportunities. This framework is augmented by our network of senior executives and leaders within each sector. Through this sector knowledge and network, we view ourselves as an industry buyer, not a transactionally-driven financial buyer.

Breakout Cash Flow Growth

Prior to making an investment, we work with management to identify key initiatives designed to significantly increase the company's free cash flow generation and return on capital within three to five years. We use a variety of strategic and tactical approaches, augmented with outside resources where appropriate, that can help a middle-market company take their operating performance to the next level. These tools and initiatives are tailored to each situation, but typically include market share gains, margin improvements and improvements in capital efficiency. By working with management teams to improve the performance of their companies, we are business builders, not passive investors.


We believe that clear communication, metric-based standard operating procedures and mutual accountability increase the likelihood of success. This philosophy drives continuous improvement at our firm and within our portfolio companies. Transparency also affords early identification of a problem. When coupled with a fact-based analysis of the problem, early identification typically results in a more cost effective solution. This culture of transparency facilitates a true partnership between Uni-World and our management teams, investors and financing sources.